A Letter From Our Publisher

The Southside Light
“Standing For The Southside”
Corpus Christi, Texas
Dear Reader,
People have been asking me why The Southside Light is a free newspaper and why we giveaway our content to other media outlets, expecting nothing but story credit in return? The answer is simple: We believe that news is educational and meaningful for all, and that the free press should FREE for all who wish to read it.
We are about to be printing our first ever printed paper and it’s an exciting time. We have not abandoned our mission of fair, free and community news. In fact, we are expanding on our mission. We feel that printed pages are meaningful, educational and valuable. Sure, everybody gets their news on a mobile platform these days—but people do still read a paper. We believe that the eradication of poverty and violence is through education. If you know somebody who is incarcerated or homebound—send us their name and address and we will send them a paper and we’ll even pay for the postage each week.
Here at The Light, we view news as a public service or public good. We don’t exist to sell fishing magazines or promote our guide service. No, we are here to fundamentally support our community, we do that through our members.
Our advertisers are members. Though they help keep the doors open and fund our brand of news, they do not influence our content and when they are mentioned in a story, we point it out. Our reporters do not work for the agencies that we report on—a Southside Light reporter will not be the Public Affairs Officer for a school or other agency. We don’t think that is independent journalism at all.
When it comes down to to it, each one of you are members of this project, too. We couldn’t do it without you. Please, if you can support us then do so. If not, that is just fine—we don’t expect it.
Let’s work together to stand for the Southside and stand for each other. Say “hey” if you see us out and about and remember, our story is your story.
Matt Briscoe
Publisher and Managing Editor


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