Proposed School Boundry Proposal Raises A Stir Among Some Southside Parents

The Corpus Christi Independent School District announced their proposal for school boundaries for the 2019-20 school year Thursday. Those proposed changes could have big impacts to Southsiders.

The most significant impacts to the Southside would be via Kaffie Middle School and Veterans Memorial High School most. The district says that Kaffie is already at mandates capacity, while Veterans Memorial is closely following suit and is expected to reach their mandates capacity over the next couple of school years.

Currently, Kaffie Middle School boundaries run along South Staples Street  to Saratoga and following along Rodd Field. Under the proposed district changes, the boundaries for Kaffie would change to running along Saratoga from Staples to Cimarron Boulevard.  From there, the proposed boundary would from Yorktown to Rodd Field then out towards Oso Creek.

Under the proposed boundary changes students at Kaffie would then go to Adkins Middle School.

Many parents who have children who attend Adkins are upset. Lindsey Perez says that she feels that while Adkins Middle School is one of the better performing schools in the district, the administration is just looking for a way to shuffle around students from lesser performing schools.

During their lay out of the plan this week, CCISD administration admitted that some parents may have this concern, though they insist that it is not the case.

As far as any changes to Veterans Memorial High School goes, the current school boundary travels along Saratoga between Rodd Field and Staples. It then follows south to Lipes before reaching further out to Yorktown near Weber Road.

The new proposal moves Veterans Memorials’ north boundary would run Brooke from Staples to around Oso Creek.  Students in the area between Brooke and Saratoga would be sent to King High School, while students near on Lipes would be added to the Carroll High School rolls.

“This plan is a freaking joke,” says Manuel Solis whose 15 year old son goes to Vets. “You want to see CCISD crap at its finest, well here it is.”

Solis feels like his children and others are becoming pawns in an administrative shuffling game for funding. Though the denies the claim, it does little to encourage parents.

“So, we give up Vets to go to Carroll, yeah right,” says Solis. “I will pack up and move to the Bluff or London before I let that happen.”

The district hopes to announce a final plan in place by May. The district is encouraging parents contact the district with their concerns and avoid social media outbursts.


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