Thursday: Fishing Outlook

Good morning, here is your morning outdoors report for Corpus Christi and surrounding waterways.

Very good fishing today as the barometer rises. Currently, at 6:00 a.m. the pressure at Packery is 30.22 and is on the rise. Fishing might start might slow as conditions stabilize but in general, fishing should be pretty good today.

Currently, the water temperature in Packery Channel is 61°F. Waves at 2 feet with a period of 5 seconds.

Winds are out of the South at 6 nearshore. Offshore, winds are SSE at 9.

Today Thursday, the sun will rise in Packery Channel at 6:46 am and sunset will be at 6:34 pm. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the high tide was at 4:10 am and the low tide will be at 1:31 pm.
Today we will have 11 hours and 48 minutes of sun. The solar transit will be at 12:40 pm.

The moon will rise in the east (96°) at 7:36 am and will set in the west (266°) at 7:37 pm. tonight.

Today should be an excellent day for fishing, the fish activity forecast is very high. The ideal fishing time, based on lunar transit is 1:36-3:36 p.m. today.

That is your daily recreational outlook brought to you buy the The Southside Light.


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