Tuesday Night Weather

What a day it turned out to be today! A little on the chilly side but that sun came out and we ended the day on a very nice note. Tonight it will again be cold, clear and a bit breezy so be prepared. There is a freeze warning out for the Brush Country and the Crossroads area, but right here in our corner of town we will just have clear skies and cold as it dips down to about 43 overnight.

Heading out the door in the morning, it should be in the lower 40s with mostly clear skies. We say we top out at around 57 tomorrow afternoon.

Look for the oak and mulberry pollen to be heavy in the air tomorrow. Look for the pollen levels to be in the medium/high range.

Now, let’s take a look at the weather this weekend as we kick off spring break. Notice us here in Corpus how we are right on the edge of the real rain through Sunday. We think that is exactly where we will stay. We still don’t think that this weekend will be a washout. A lot can change between now and then, but if we see any rain here on the Southside, it will likely be very light.


Well, that’s where we are tonight. Have a great, warm evening and we will see you bright and early here for our Packery Report.

Have a great evening, Friends!


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