Despite Concerns, CCISD Plans To Build New High School At Saratoga and Kostoryz

Corpus Christi--Officials with the Corpus Christi Independent School District announced on Tuesday that the new Mary Carroll High School will be located on a parcel of land situated at the corner of Kostoryz and Saratoga.

In recent months, discussions between district officials and other entities ultimately led to the decision.

Initial concern was that the soon to be constructed school facilities would be within so-called “crash lines” of nearby landing strips which are used for training purposes by the military. However, in a statement on Tuesday, the district said “local leaders, including those
involved with the military community, have agreed that the location is in the best interest of
Corpus Christi’s thriving community.”

Originally, a site near Weber and Saratoga was identified as a potential site for the new school. However, the district maintains that despite the concerns, the location near Saratoga and Kostoryz is ideal for construction.

In addition to safety concerns surrounding the nearby airfields and Corpus Christi International Airport, members of the community have suggested that the location will increase traffic and make the already congested area even worse. However, the district says that it is their intent to use a similar model as Veterans Memorial High School on Cimmaron, which experiences only minor traffic disruptions on an average school day. Sources close to CCISD say that part of the decision making process was a safety feasibility study which identified potential risk factors from both all traffic sources and lays out a framework to mitigate those risks during the engineering and construction phases.

A spokesperson with the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. told The Light in a statement that in situations such as this when a new neighborhood or school is placed within these high risk areas that were at one time not very populated areas, the Department works closely with local military leadership, local government and others concerned parties to create and implement “safe plans” that help achieve the desired operational goal for the military and create a safe and secure environment for surrounding interests.

“We want to stress to members of the community that the Department of Defense addresses these types of situations on a regular basis,” the Pentagon spokesperson noted. “We are actually very flexible because we recognize that communities grow around us and we have to adapt to them.”

The new facility is part of a $210 million dollar bond passed by voters in 2018.


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