Despite Foul Smell City Officials Say Water Supply Is Safe To Drink

Corpus Christi—In a city that has had more than its fair share of water boils and quality concerns, foul smells can often be a cause for concern. However, city officials confirmed Wednesday that the stagnant smell coming from faucets around town is no cause for alarm.

The cause of the smell is fairly routine, officials say. It happens as fairly regularly, especially during the Spring months when freshwater supplies begin to warm up and naturally occurring organisms begin to develop.

Experts maintain that the occurrence is expected.

Residents on the city’s south side began smelling an organic smell in their water this past weekend. Since then, some residents say that the smell has tapered off, while others say it is continuing.

Officials with TECQ say that the organic smell usually disappears within a few days and that things should return to normal fairly soon. They reiterated the city stating that they believed that there is no cause for alarm and that area residents should not be concerned.


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