Hundreds Gather Along Ocean Drive To Catch A Glimpse Of This Weekends Wings Over South Texas Airshow

The  United States Navy Blue Angels rehearse their routine Thursday afternoon over Corpus Christi Bay (Matt Briscoe, The Southside Light)
 Ward Island--If you heard loud roars and screams of jet engines around the area on Thursday you were not imagining things. It was the U.S. Navy Blue Angels  preparing for their weekend air show over Corpus Christi Bay.

The Blue Angels practiced over the bay on Thursday and will hold another practice on Friday.
A crowd of about 100 spectators lined the waterfront along Ocean Drive near NAS Corpus Christi to catch a glimpse of the legendary pilots and their blue and gold aircraft.

The crowd included young children with their parents, veterans and nearly everyone in between.
“I wanted to come and spend time with my daughter and have her experience this for herself,” said Raul Sandoval who was watching from along Ocean Drive with his daughter. “We figured when we saw them flying around that they would be practicing so we came and waited.”
A father and daughter watch the Blue Angels from their pickup
along Ocean Drive Thursday afternoon (Matt Briscoe, The Southside Light)

The sights and sounds of a Blue Angels show can only be described as captivating and exciting. Thousands of spectators are expected to turn out for the Wings Over South Texas and be treated to the best pilots in the world doing spectacular maneuvers over the sparkling waters of Corpus Christi Bay.. Fans were already lining up Thursday to get a preview of the show.

A United State Navy Blue Angel does a low pass above a crowd gathered along
Ocean Drive on Thursday (Matt Briscoe, The Southside Light) 
The F/A-18 Hornets flown by the Blue Angels perform at speeds from 120 to 700 miles per hour during the shows but can reach speeds of twice that. Valued at 21 million dollars apiece, meticulous care is taken to make sure the planes are in tip top shape. It’s not just the pilots that are at the top of their field, but also the support staff that keep them in the air.

The Blues will take to the skies again Friday for a last practice run before Saturday’s 2:00 p.m. show. If you plan to attend the shows, getting a very early start is recommended. Traffic will be very congested heading to NAS Corpus Christi or to the waterfront area along Ocean Drive.


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