Same Earthy Smell Likely From Usual Source; Officials Say There Is No Cause For Alarm

Staff Reports

South Side—Some folks over the weekend have noticed that foul, earthy smell flowing through their taps and faucets again this weekend and while state officials are continuing to conduct water quality checks around the area, they are maintaining that the water is still safe to drink.

Recent heavy rains over area water supplies were followed by rapid warming which allowed naturally occurring organic compounds to develop in the water supply. While the foul smell might initially create alarm, the occurrence happens near every single year in water supplies. The smell will usually last only a few days and should slowly clear itself up.

Residents will remember that this happened just a few weeks ago when after a night of heavy rain happened the water from their taps emitted a dirty smell that lasted only a few days. This is very likely the same culprit and causes no serious cause for alarm, officials say.

However, just to be on the safe side state and county officials say that they are continuing to monitor water quality for the area.


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