Saturday Afternoon Weather Update

Good afternoon, Southsiders. We wanted to come in and give you a quick weather update from here in our weather center about how things are shaping up, especially towards our north.

Let’s start off by talking locally. We are still not calling for a major chance of severe rain. If you remember, late last night we had mentioned that there were some unanswered questions when it came to how all of this will play out. Today, we have a far better idea. The official forecast has placed Webb County under a “slight risk” for heavy thunderstorms. We feel the data well justifies that, as well. However, we are going to say that places like Freer could also see a stronger storm, should one develop.

Here directly on the south side, not so much. Do you see the sun where you are? Don’t let it fool you, because chances of rain increase after dark and into Sunday. Again, not all of us will see rain but chances are that some of us might. What rain does end up falling will likely be fast and in relatively small portions. However, SHOULD a thunderstorm break free, it could get intense rather quickly and pack a punch. So just be prepared in case it does.

To our north and east, just as we said last night there is a tornado watch. That is where we anticipate most of the activity to pop off. It could end up getting pretty rough off to our north, so let your friends and family know.

So, to summarize locally:

  • Rain possible for the are
  • A thunderstorm overnight and into Sunday can’t be ruled out.
  • Not all of us will encounter rain or thunderstorms but if we do it will likely be quick and heavy.
  • Highs in mid 80s

Just stay weather away and we will keep you posted if any of this change


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