CVS Stores In Corpus Christi Avoid Corporate Chopping Block For Now

While pharmacy giant CVS rolled through the first quarter of 2019 closing storefronts around the country, local stores in Corpus Christi found themselves able to avoid the corporate chopping block—at least for now.

The pharmacy and healthcare retailer has had more than a fair amount of trouble in Corpus Christi as it faces off against the regional giant, H-E-B.

Locally, CVS says that they have seen staggering numbers and that no assurances could be made for the long range future of area stores. However, for the moment those stores and those jobs seem secure.

One problem that local consumers point out about CVS is their overly complex pricing gimmicks and poorly stocked stores.

CVS currently operates 3 stores on the south side, all of which the retailer admits are failing to meet expectations. Together, the stores bring about 50 jobs to the area.


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