Education: Flour Bluff ISD Names London Superintendent The Lone Finalist For District Superintendent Job

In a surprise meeting on Sunday afternoon the Flour Bluff ISD Board of Trustees announced that they have decided on a new, permanent school superintendent.

As competition for students and funding among area districts heats up, the board took obvious action in that direction by voting Dr. David Freeman
lone candidate for superintendent.

Dr. Freeman is currently the Superintendent of Schools for London Independent School District, one of the districts that Flour Bluff Board members is concerned about the most when it comes to students transferring.

Dr. Freeman has been at London ISD since 2014.

Prior to being at London, Dr. Freeman was also the Superintendent of Schools in Montague ISD for five years and the Chief Academic Officer/Associate Superintendent in Wichita Falls ISD.

“The superintendent search has been a thorough process,” said Shirley Thornton, President Flour Bluff ISD Board of Trustees said in a press release on Sunday. “I’m confident Dr. Freeman is the perfect fit as our next Superintendent of Schools.”

There is no doubt that Dr. Freeman is a highly qualified candidate for the job. However, where interim Superintendent Joe Kelley has been able to maintain a strict distance between Thornton and comrades, questions loom as to if Dr. Freeman will be able to do the same?

“Right now the board is a localized click serving localized interests,” says Paul Jimenez, whose grandchildren attend Flour Bluff ISD. “I was hoping for somebody a little more distant with less potential connection with the current club.”

But Jimenez, like others says that he is adopting a wait and see approach.

Perhaps, the saving grace in all of this has been acting superintendent Joe Kelley, who many pride as being fair, impartial and nuetral when it comes to the board.

The district says that a total of 46 applicants from across the nation applied for the position. State law does mandate a 21 day waiting period before Dr. Freeman can be officially offered the job, which is expected to happen at the end of May.
This is a developing story.


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