Food and Culture: Who Has The Best Chili In Town? Our Experts Think They Found It

What’s more Texan than a good bowl of chili? Maybe brisket or breakfast tacos. But when it comes to authentic staples of a Texan’s diet, chili often comes to mind.

From spicy to mild, beans or no beans, nothing says Texas quite like a steamy “bowl of red.”

Our foodies searched the south side (and Corpus Christi) for what they think is that perfect bowl of chili. And while our neighbors to the north up in San Antonio might call themselves the figurative Heaven for the greasy bowl, us here in Corpus Christi certainly have our taste.

After eating chili from small cafes and chain restaurants around town, here is who we think has the best chili on the bay.

The Winner Is:

Shoreline Sandwich Company: Their bold, deeply Texas authentic flavor really does seem to be second to none around town. Paired absolutely perfectly with their sandwiches, this wonderful red goodness is stuffed full of spices and vegetables that will certainly appeal to any taste. We prefer their south side location off South Staples inside the Kleberg Bank building.

Honorable Mentions:
While Shoreline Sandwich Company takes P-1 on our list, there are certainly other great bowls of chili to be had. One of those is over at The Corner Bakery off South Staples and SPID. They are not local and they are by far not even a Texas based chain, but their “Big Al’s Chili” does pack a pretty flavorful punch.

The spices are not at all Texas blended and it does lack that Texas feel to it. But it does have a flavor that you can’t deny.

Where Shoreline Sandwich Company offers a bowl that can easily stand out on its own, The Corner Bakery’s version needs a little help, in our opinion. A good dose of cheese and some saltines almost make it ideal, but it’s far from being able to be considered the best chili in town.

Another honorable mention should go to (of all places) Firehouse Subs and their consistent chain brand of chili.

Yes, it does taste like it came from a can (which it likely does) but it really is not bad at all. The lively and bold flavors do give it a very unique flavor that is all of its own, but without a doubt it is NOT Texas chili and it should not be confused as such. It is easily accessible 7 days a week and it works in a pinch. But remember, it won’t likely get you that down home, Texas taste like Shoreline Sandwich Company will certainly do.

So, there you have it—our picks for the best chili in town. By far, the only standout is Shoreline Sandwich Company.

Comiendo feliz!


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