Stormy Weather Brings Problems To South Side

A few hundred area residents are without power on the city’s south side following some windy weather that blew through the area Friday morning.

About 700 AEP customers were without power near Ayers and Holly Friday morning following what AEP is calling a “Routine Weather Outage.”

Minor outages are recorded elsewhere around the area including about 50 customers in the Yorktown and Waldron area of Flour Bluff. AEP estimates that services should be restored by Friday afternoon.

A vehicle was destroyed after it was hit by lightning at the intersection of Flour Bluff Drive and Padre Island Drive at around 10:30 Friday morning. Nueces County Emergency Services District 2 reported that there were no injuries however, the vehicle did not end end up so well.

While the storms may not have seemed all that strong, lightning was a major issue. Cloud to ground lightning was frequent as the system moved overhead, which caused most of the problems in our area.

Conditions are expected to improve.


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