NHC Monitoring System In The Gulf That Could Bring Rain To South Texas

We woke up to temperatures in the low 70s this morning and will only reach into the low 90s for highs today as we enjoy the benefits of this rare July cold front. It is absolutely nice and we should enjoy it! But, there is other business to talk about and that is tropical weather.

The National Hurricane Center in their update this morning has given an area of the Gulf of Mexico the slight potential for development of a tropical cyclone in the next 5 days.

According to the NHC, the odds are at only 20% in the next 48 hours and 20% in the next 5 days for any kind of formation. However, tropical systems can occasionally flare up along stalled fronts in the Gulf.

Right now there seems to be  only a very marginal chance for favorable conditions that would support development of a system.

Based on modeling data, we see no indication that a system would likely develop.

We will keep an eye out and see if this cool front turns around as a warm front this weekend. If it does, the chances fir rain will increase along the Coastal Bend but we will just have to wait and see.