Updated: State Releases Letter Grades For Current Year

Updated: 12:11 pm August 15, 2019

Corpus Christi—The Texas Education Agency has handed out letter grades to both school districts and campuses for the first time this year, and multiple schools in the Corpus Christi-area earned failing grades. 

Last year, the TEA rolled out its A-F rating system for districts. This year, the letter grades were assessed for individual schools, which is good news and bad news for area districts. 

Looking at the overall, Corpus Christi ISD was able to improve on last years “C” letter grade.This year, the district moved up to a “B” grade for overall performance while some individual schools continued showing signs of struggle. 

Cunningham Elementary showed significant signs of trouble by scoring a “D” overall and a solid “F” in terms of the individual school being able to close the gap among at-risk students. 

While Carroll High School earned an overall “B” grade, the big winner on the city’s south side was Veterans Memorial which saw the district’s only “A” grade among high school’s. 

Just across the Oso in Flour Bluff that school district overall earned an “A” letter grade for the second year in a row. However, at the individual school level things look a bit more rough. 

The lone “A” grade in the district was Flour Bluff Intermediate. Flour Bluff Junior High and  High School both brought in “B” letters while the Early Childhood Center, Flour Bluff Elementary and Flour Bluff Primary all ended up getting a “C” letter grade. 

 Crossover onto the Island and things are looking concerning for Seashore Charter. Seashore actually fell this year from meeting the state standards to now having a “C” letter grade on their report card. 

In other area districts Port Aransas came in with an overall “A” letter grade for the district. As well did Calallen ISD, London and Skidmore-Tynann. 

These grades are based on students' performance in STAAR testing, and high schools had the added evaluation of how many students graduated.

To read the full report and to find your school, click here.