Flour Bluff Hornet Marching Band Is Ready To Show Their Class, Pride And Heart This Season

Fabiola Lee 
Southside Light News 

Flour Bluff—Monday marks the beginning of a new school year across most Corpus Christi area school districts and with that comes all of the joy, excitement and frustration that this time of year can offer. But there is something else about this time of year that rings in the hearts of many parents throughout the Coastal Bend and it involves practice, dedication and plenty of hard work—they wear the title of “The Band.” 

The Flour Bluff Hornet Marching band has been tuning up and rehearsing their routine for weeks now and for these youngsters, it’s almost showtime. 

It’s not easy work being in the band and to really comprehend the seriousness of the responsibility you must come to terms with one simple fact: marching band is absolutely not easy.. Not only is marching band physically and mentally taxing, but emotionally as well. The Hornet Marching Band knows this fact as good as any. 

As you’ll see throughout the year at halftime shows and parades, marching band members know that precise, proper attention position is key. 

These Hornets spent hours a day before school was even in session working on their precise movements that make for the perfect show. 

The marchers stand precise with their heels together, toes about a fist-length apart, knees slightly bent, arms drawn back, hands in fists at the hips, chest out, shoulders back, chin up, and eyes looking forward. And just like their gridiron counterparts the adage of “DO NOT lock your knees” applies here, too. 

As for the marching, these youngsters are trained to do so while keeping their upper body at attention while stepping out with their left heel and “rollstepping” while continuing on with their march. 

While watching from afar, as not to disturb this magical exercise of precision it seems as if these Flour Bluff Hornets have their routine down—just like their high flying Navy heroes do in the air. 

It’s true that the Flour Bluff Marching Band can level any stage at anytime. But talking to the kids, their greatest achievement and honor comes with that big applause midway through a Friday night before their home crowd. 

It’s that Class, Pride and Heart (CPH) that shows in every step along the way here in Flour Bluff and this marching band without a doubt has all three of those down perfectly. 


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