Following Drowning Expert Says Parents Should Not Become Complacent

Brady Chandler
Southside Light 

Mustang Island—The latest drowning along the Texas Gulf Coast involves a three-year-old child near Port Aransas, Sunday morning. Officials confirmed Sunday afternoon that the young child died after drowning near Mustang Island and officials are warning parents and guardians to watch their children when they are around any body of water at all. 

“You cannot take your eyes off them for even a split second,” says Mary Blackmon, who is a child safety expert in Houston. “No matter how safe or calm it is you just cannot take a chance.” 

Last week in the  Houston area, five children drowned while in small pond near Conroe. That marks the second time a cluster of drowning deaths has occurred this summer in that area. 

Back in April, a 7-year-old boy from the Hill Country drowned while visiting Lake Corpus Christi State Park with family. 

Also in April of 2019, 18-year-old Je'sani Smith’s body was found three miles south of Bob Hall Pier after the King High School Senior went missing while swimming with friends. 

“The dangers are all around us and we all have to be keenly aware,” says Blackmon. “Even the smallest waves and shallowest of water can be deadly for anybody and especially children.” 

Blackmon says that parents should not only watch their children very closely while they are in the water, but also make sure that they are wearing proper safety devices such as life vests and personal flotation devices. 

The best precaution, Blackmon says is awareness. 

“You have got to be well aware 100% of the time around water and adults should never, ever become complacent themselves no matter how serene and calm that it seems.” 


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