From Bob Ross To Well.....What Are Corpus Christi Residents Searching Out On YouTube?

Southside Light Staff

Corpus Christi—A recent survey found that Corpus Christi residents spend plenty of time on the social media network YouTube. There is plenty that could be said for that including ideas that we are all very bored or we are just plain lazy. Perhaps, we just enjoy wasting time or reliving some mental trash that we have stored up, but whatever the reasoning there was one single statistic that caught some researchers off guard about what Corpus Christians have been watching on YouTube and it is likely not what you think. 

Working with Google, the Southside Light asked the question as to what people were searching for? Here is what we found out. 

Apparently folks in the 78418, 78412 and 78414 zip codes were learning how to become a bit more creative with their time. Those zip codes include Flour Bluff, North Padre Island and Ward Island. One of the most popular searches for those areas included the search terms “Who is Bob Ross” and “ How to catch fish.” 

Areas encompassed by 78415, 78416 and 78411 included plenty of sports searches including “how to play football” and “running a marathon.” 

One concerning figure, sociology experts say is what they discovered was commonly searched on YouTube from 78404, 78405 and 78408. In the area that encompasses the central city and the downtown business district the common searches were “fat booty girls” and “how do I cheat.” 

Plenty could be read into these numbers says Sociologist Gary Putnam, but he says to use extreme caution. 

“What this says is very generic in nature,'' says Putnam. “I’d just take it for what it’s worth and let that be that. I mean, certainly every story should have a video for sure.” 

But regardless of nature, one thing is certain that Corpus Christi residents are spending plenty of time on YouTube and for that reason alone, experts suggest that marketers should really pay close attention. 


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