New Traffic Signal At Yorktown and Everhart Signals More Than Just Traffic

Staff Reports
The Southside Light 

After what seems to have been years in the making Corpus Christi Traffic Engineering managers said that the newly installed traffic signal at Yorktown Boulevard and Everhart Road has been activated and is in operation. 

The move signals more than just traffic. What it means is a long awaited end to what was a much needed reconstruction project that had caused local drivers headaches for months as construction went well over project completion estimates. It also signals an end to the lost revenue that some area businesses along Yorktown between South Staples and Everhart incurred as a result of the continually delayed project. 

As it stands, those business owners do not have any means of recouping those losses. However, now that the project is mostly completed, they are hoping to get things heading back to normal. 

As for the traffic, city officials say that traffic approaching the intersection should be prepared to stop and use caution proceeding through the intersection and watch for motorists who may not realize the traffic signal is in operation.