The Beauty of RedHead Pond On A Warm Summer Evening

It’s a little place that we’ve talked about before. To some, it might be little more than a retention pond, but to the shore birds that rely on it and those who understand it and admire its beauty RedHead Pond is so much more than a necessity of progress. 

The WMA was purchased by Texas Parks and Wildlife in order to protect freshwater wetland habitat for wintering waterfowl and other birds. For nature enthusiasts, Redhead Pond provides a unique opportunity to view large concentrations of wild birds within a short drive of downtown Corpus Christi.

It’s a place that biologists and wildlife advocates see as being vital to the environment and as urban growth continues to broaden, places like RedHead Pond will continue to play a vital role for both humans and animals alike. 

“It’s Beautiful here,” says Marge Tracy, who spends the Summer months in Flour Bluff with her family. “It’s such a busy world and places like this provide the perfect break.” 

And a much needed break it is.