Weekend Commentary: I’m Just Waiting

Matt Briscoe
Publisher/Managing Editor
The Southside Light
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Within moments of the news breaking out in El Paso I was contacted by LBC News in London. They asked me to report on yet another “active shooter” situation here in America and here in Texas. I agreed and tonight, as I sit here pondering the day’s events I’m wondering what it all really means? 

No, I’m not terrified and angry I am not. What I am is numb. Numb to how this happened yet again and numb to how we will do nothing about it, yet again. The politicians will release partylined statements and talk of prayers and strength. Pundits will argue and left and right wingers will do their best to discredit each other and they’ll do it all while we sit and wait. 

We will wait for them to come to their senses and wait for somebody to act instead of play politics. We will hear the same worn out lines that we hear every time. We will wait until the next idiot opens fire and hope like Hell that it isn’t our church, our mosque, our school, our newspaper or Walmart. 

Yes, we will wait to actually act and we will argue again and again. We wait idle until the next time an idiot comes in shooting and his beloved constitution gave him vehicle to do it. 

But that isn't here nor there and while you are sitting there thinking that you know what I’m thinking—you probably don’t. While you’re sitting there thinking I’m a left wing, socialist nut who wants to take your guns—you’re probably wrong. But what I am is a person who is waiting, waiting for common sense to prevail in a world where both parties seem to have lost their minds. 

So no, I’m not praying for El Paso and I’m not sending my thoughts 691 miles away. I’m waiting, just waiting for the next when and where.