Holly Road Repairs Are Coming, Says City

South Side—If your drive down Holly between Rodd Field and Ennis Joslin you know just how bad the roadway really is. Residents who have lived in the area have complained for years about the badly deteriorating roadway and now finally, city hall is listening. 

The plan calls for a multimillion dollar work project to restore and repair the section of roadway. However, the city says that before construction can begin there are a few things that need to happen. 

A spokesperson for the city said on Friday that when council met this week they learned of a paperwork issue with the contractor and that the issue was being handled. Though the spokesperson was not sure as to exactly what the hang up was with the paperwork, they did say that the work is planned and that a public meeting will be scheduled for early October in which area residents could offer their input and suggestions on how the quarter mile section of roadway should be repaired. 

Once the public meeting is held city officials will then officially hand the project over to contractors to begin work. That should not take place until the last part of the year or possibly into 2020.