Looking Forward Without Fear

Art Metzinger 
News Director 
The Southside Light 

I'm not a newspaper writer but I am news person through and through. In fact, I've spent much of my 71 years working in the field from Vietnam to Nicaragua and San Francisco to Camp David. From major networks to "small armed outlets" in the midwest my career has taken me everywhere, or so it seems anyway. 

When I came here to South Texas I had every intention of retiring and leaving my journalism career behind me until this guy Matt Briscoe came along knocking on my door one day. 

Come to find out this man had been stalking me for weeks trying to get an address and had turned up empty handed everytime. Finally, in an act of brilliance (or stupidity) he somehow talks the security guard into letting him into my subdivision at 9:30 at night and proceeds to knock on my door just to give me a business card. 

After sitting there talking to him for a minute, I realized that Matt had the old school grit that's missing in today's reporting and frankly, I respect that. He proceeded to show me a list of names, addresses and projects of every potential candidate for Corpus Christi City Manager. Matt had already figured out that Peter Zanoni was the likely man for the job. 

I asked him how exactly he came to this conclusion and where and how he got his information? Without expression, he just said "I'm everywhere, but I am nowhere," and he left it at that. 

He asked me that night if I'd consider working with him and I will admit that 7 weeks went by without me ever speaking to him again. But one night I gave him a call and made him my offer. A few weeks later, Matt countered and I agreed. 

But that's not why I'm here to talk with you. I decided that as the "new guy", I'd come to reason with you for a minute about what we are doing here at the Southside Light and where we are going. 

To most people, where they get their news is more about validating their world view. If you're far left then you go to CNN. If your far right, Fox News is your source. Believe it or not, it works that way at the local level, too. 

While we are less Republican and Democrat here at the Light, we are focused on the everyday things that have for years been given a pass in the local media. We here at The Light celebrate everyday heroes, hold the powerful accountable and honor the core values of pride and reliability. For us, 'Standing For The Southside" has become more than a marketing slogan.

We stand up for people who do the right thing. We celebrate everyday heroes, and honor those who live by their word. We protect our families, neighbors and communities. We expose liars, cheats and villains for what they are. We believe tough times can be overcome by even tougher people. When the chips are down, character and tenacity carry us through. We never give up.

Corpus Christi's Southside is a community of ethnically diverse neighborhoods and a place we're proud to call home.

So now, let's come together and get to work and let's leave the past behind and look forward from the way things used to be here to where things are going. 


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