Much Needed Rains Brought Relief To One Area Wildlife Area

The on again, off again rain and thunderstorms that made their way across the area this week may have been a real pain for some people but for those who really recognize it's importance,  the rain was a welcome sight.  

Much of the rain fell over Flour Bluff and the Upper Laguna Madre, and while lawns and foliage certainly benefited from the downpours the real benefit some experts say came in the form of freshwater for migratory bird species that are already making their way into the area. One specific area that likely benefited the most was our neighborhood Red Head Pond Wildlife Management Area situated just off Laguna Shores Road.  

The pond is pond is a vital link to very limited freshwater for migrating species and local shore birds alike and biologists say that any bit of freshwater that they can get in places like Red Head Pond are much appreciated.  

While the change wasn't very noticeable, the shorebirds certainly provided some indication that the vital freshwater was helping the pound fulfill a major purpose. 

The pool level of Red Head Pond barely noticeably recorded a chance.  However, early measurements from researchers say that the recent rains certainly had a positive impact on the vital ecology of the pond. 

The is open to the public for birding and wildlife viewing.  


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