Possibly Armed Person Scoping Out Vehicles In Quiet South Side Neighborhood

A possibly armed man has been seen in the late night and early morning hours
snooping into vehicles in the usually quiet Windsong neighborhood
on the city’s south side. (Staff photo, Southside Light)
Staff Reports
Southside Light

Residents in one south side neighborhood are on edge this week and are being urged to remain vigilant as reports about at least one person with a gun being seen in the area looking into cars during the middle of the night. 

Residents of the Windsong subdivision have noticed that over the course of the last few nights a man driving a white SUV has been seen going around checking vehicles at night and attempting to possibly break into them in the early morning hours. 

The suspect has been seen on at least 3 security cameras and on at least one of the videos provided to police it does appear that the male suspect is clearly carrying a firearm. 

This neighborhood is no stranger to car break-in or vandalism. In fact, some residents say that it has been a problem for almost as long as they can remember and now they say that they have had enough. 

Some residents are petitioning for more police presence in the area. Others are suggesting a move to take after King’s Crossing and hire their own neighborhood security contractor to patrol the area. 

On none of the videos is the suspect's license plate clear or visible. Residents are asked if they see the subject or any strange or suspicious activity to call the police immediately and do not confront the subject. 

It’s unclear as to if or how many vehicles the suspect may have actually taken items from and remains under investigation. 


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