Two People Found Dead In King's Crossing Home; One Man Arrested and Charged.

Updated 11:15 a.m.
September 13, 2019

King's Crossing--72 year-old Mohammed Sahi is in custody and facing capital murder and aggravated assault charges after two people were found dead Thursday morning in a King's Crossing home just before 9:00.

Police say that they were called to a location in the 6200 block of Denain Street to reports of a person suffering some type of trauma. Police say that when they arrived  on scene, they discovered two victims deceased and a third person who had sustained some sort of injuries that required transport to the Bay Area Hospital for further treatment. It remains unclear exactly what that persons condition is at this time.

Court records obtained on Friday identify the victims as Sahi's daughter and grandsons and that Sahi admitted to killing his family.

Court documents also say that Sahi approached a neighbor asking him to call the police. It was noted that Sahi had blood spatter on his camouflage clothing at the time.

Officers asked Sahi where the gun was that was use to kill his family? Sahi then replied that he had not used a gun but rather "a stick" to murder his family.

The deceased victims are identified as Nargis Zaman and Hamed Zaman.

21 year old Hamzah Zaman was transported to Bay Area Medical Center and is in unknown condition.

The usually tight lipped Corpus Christi police department has been abnormally even more quiet about details surrounding this particular case. At this time, police continue to refuse to release many details about the crime or the victims, which is in most cases expected by this point in the investigation.

Neighbors of the usually quiet community say that they are sickened at what happened in their south side neighborhood.

"You see these kind of things happen all over town," said one King's Crossing resident who wish not to be identified. "But this certainly seems peculiar."

Jonathan Caldera who leases a home in the King's Crossing community says that he wasn't sure what happened but he feels confident that police have gotten the suspect and that it was an isolated incident.

"I feel pretty safe here," says Caldera. "But you just never know what kind of things are going on behind closed doors."

Sahi is being held on $2.5 million dollar bond.

Police say that the case is still under investigation.