Weekly Weather Outlook

It’s Sunday it’s time to talk to the local weather for Corpus Christi. 

The tropics did exactly as expected and have flared up this past week. The tropical moisture that we saw here brought a nice welcome relief, but sadly it wasn’t near enough to penetrate the drought conditions plaguing South Texas. On an added note over the next 8-14 days we just aren’t seeing any suggestions of relief, either. 

We are keeping the ever present chance of rain in the forecast this week but certainly not expecting a drought breaker. 

Temperature wise this week we should remain in the high 80s and low 90s for highs. 

All in all it should be a great week for beach activities! 

Be sure to print and share our Accuweather page! There are some great tools on there including daily rides for Bob Hall Pier and the

Have a great week!