BREAKING: Bonnen Tapes Released By Political Operative

Matt Briscoe
Southside Light

Austin—Conservatives political activist  Michael Quinn Sullivan went public Tuesday morning to back up his allegations of corruption against Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.  

Michael Quinn Sullivan has maintained that Bonnen and State Representative Dustin Burrows offered him media credentials last summer in exchange for Sullivan’s political action committee targeting 10 GOP incumbents in the 2020 primaries.

“Let’s go after these Republicans that, and I’m not kidding when it comes to 2020, if we’re successful and we gain maybe one, two, or three, Republican seats then we can beat some of these liberal pieces of s**t,” Bonnen is heard saying on the over hour long tape. 

“I’d like you to tone down the pops at people that are decent members,” Bonnen asked Sullivan. “And let’s unload on those who we need to get rid of.”

In what is largely viewed by political observers on both sides of the spectrum as a political hit by Sullivan, he attempts to justify the recording by calling Bonnen a “habitual liar.” Sullivan also claimed that he did it to “protect himself” from Bonnen. 

This is a developing story and will be updated throughout. 


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