Family of Texas Gulf Coast Child Confirms That She Will Be Entering Hospice Care

Some sad news to report tonight from our friends just up the coast in Freeport. The father of honorary Freeport Police Officer Abigail Arias announced on Wednesday that the family is asking for prayers on behalf of his daughter after learning tumors in her lungs have continued to grow.

Ruben Arias, Officer Abigail’s dad said the family met Wednesday with Abigail’s oncology team who recommended Abigail’s family start preparing for hospice care.

7-year-old Abigail was diagnosed with cancer in both of her lungs at 4 years old. In December 2018, Abigail met Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey who made her an honorary police officer and from there, this little hero captures the hearts of a nation. 

She often appeared with various civil and public safety groups. She has made her way around county, too—even visiting the White House. 

Abigail has been a fighter—even naming the cancer “the bad guys.” 

Abigail has been and remains, an inspiration to all. 

Editor's Note: 
Abigail, Corpus Christi is with you and we are praying for you guys! 


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