Friday Brought A Mixed Bag Of Weather To The Corpus Christi Area

One area resident was bundled up Friday evening as temperatures
dropped drastically (Southside Light)

Staff Reports 
Southside Light 

There is never a dull moment when it comes to Texas weather and Friday brought a dichotomy of weather with it as folks around the area braced for the coolest temperatures since April. 

The day began with a few puffy cumulus clouds hanging low in the sky and fairly warm temperatures. But just before noon on Friday that all changed as winds whipped around to the north and the skies darkened for a bit. A few showers would fall and temperatures would drop off rapidly around the area as folks went out for their Friday festivities. 

Some Corpus Christi residents would end up donning their jackets and putting on pants before the day ended. People like Alex Perez say that they welcome the reprieve from what seemed to be a long and hot Summer. 

“This is really nice,” Perez said as he made his way into a local pharmacy. “I think it’s time to stock up on some stuff already.” 

Perez wasn’t alone, either. Retailers said that they noticed more and more people stopping in to buy things like cough syrup and allergy medicine. 

Others were not so excited to see the colder temperatures. Blake Henderson of Flour Bluff said that he was fond of the cold. 

“I wish it were 90 again,” Henderson said. 

He might not have to wait long to get his wish, either. Our Accuweather forecasters say that by Monday temperatures could reach the low 90’s again and the humidity will likely return and remain there for much of the week.