Hundreds Fill Parker Park In Flour Bluff For Annual Neighborhood Festival To Support Local Businesses

Art Metzinger 
News Director 
Southside Light News
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Flour Bluff—  If you were out in the Bluff on Saturday thought that you might have noticed the smell of an early Autumn festival in the air, you would have been right. Flour Fest was happening at Parker Park and hundreds took full advantage of the wonderful weather to get out and do their part to support local businesses and causes (who were well represented at the event), enjoy local eats from food trucks and listen to local music. 

The event, which is a small neighborhood “street style” festival that is organized in part by the Flour Bluff Business Association is designed to attract attention to local, neighborhood businesses and bring people out to become active in their community. 

While official numbers for the event have not been tallied and released, crowd estimates in the mid-afternoon timeframe appeared to nominal despite the good weather. While an independent audit will likely not be available, the estimates from at least two vendors and suggest about 500-800 patrons attended the event. 

Food vendors reported below average sales for this type of event. However, with the school district’s annual Homecoming and other events around the area placing demands on consumers time and pocketbooks, the timing of the event was likely the cause of low sales. 

Despite that, organizers did manage to pull off an event to be proud of. Everything from bounce houses to the popular fire trucks were open for display. 

Candice Dahl and her husband Mike, brought their children out to just enjoy the weather and burn some energy. 

“It’s fun, it’s certainly affordable and it just gives us something to do while we are making the rounds,” Candice said. “We would love it even more if it had better parking and more of that fall festival fell that you get elsewhere. But it’s not bad.” 

Mike said that it reminded him of a farmers market atmosphere and that’s just fine with him. 

“This has more of the farmers market or very small peddler show feel to it,” said Mike Dahl. “It’s cozy and it’s something that the Bluff really needs.” 

The event ran Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until around 7:00 p.m. 


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