Hunter and Holguin Race Could Likely Come Down To Relatability

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Matt Briscoe
Managing Editor
Southside Light

Corpus Christi— Thirteen months is a long way away in political races, but in the coming days things will start to become a little bit more clear as to where each candidate stands in terms of their finances and their ability to stage a solid fight in 2020. But locally, the trained eyes turn towards the Texas House District 32, which is currently held by incumbent republican Todd Hunter. 

Hunter, who is a popular local figure among the district likely has the power to out raise Holguin who comes into the race as a sort of novelty democrat challenger. It’s starting to become clear where the candidates loyalties lie as Hunter sticks to the local scene. Holguin on the other hand, is hosting a podcast to help bolster his popularity and is playing the anti-development card with potential voters in the Port Aransas area. 

Todd Hunter comes into this race already with at least $2 million dollars cash on hand. The big question is looming as to if he will need that much to keep the seat solidly in GOP control? 

The last big test for Hunter came back in 2008 when Hunter won election to the Texas House of Representatives from Texas' 32nd District, defeating Democrat Juan Garcia III and Libertarian Lenard Nelson. In the general election showdown that year Hunter received 27,844 votes in the election while Garcia III collected 25,994 votes. The wildcard Nelson received a sizable 1,705 votes. 

Back then, Hunter was not the biggest campaign chest breadwinner. Hunter managed to raise $967,393 for his campaign while Garcia raised $1,498,278. 

Can Holguin topple the popular GOP incumbent? Well, anything is possible and Holguin is searching for support in some of the right places. Trial lawyers, upset property owners turned environment activists, wildly loud and obnoxious friends who are helping guide his campaign and the pity pot, district flipping crowd that loves to talk about all of the things that they are going to accomplish when they get to Austin. 

He is also searching for national support from fringe left wing groups that represent the far fringes of the democrat party. But for now, it doesn’t seem that they are taking Holguin as much of a candidate. 

Hunter holds the advantage early on as being able to bring people together. Holguin hasn’t. In a district that is so close in demographic makeup, the ability to unify will likely prove more beneficial than the art of division. 

Texas House District 32 is made up of 41.8% White, 54.3% Black/Hispanic, 3.9% Other races. A majority of the wage earners make $50,000 to $100,000 per year and the demographic make up remains fairly close from there, which means that creating unity among the voting bloc is more vital than creating a divide. 

Hunter has been able to fair the turbulent, Machismo waters of the current far right republican ride pretty well. He’s focused his efforts on local issues such as TWIA rate hikes, economic development and new methods for cultivating new industries. The point is that Hunter has been tested and proven and Holguin is still “all hat, no cattle” in the Texas political arena. 

For Holguin to win its going to take a lot more of showing how much we are all alike than exploiting political differences and for young democrats, that’s pretty hard to do. 


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