Texas House Redistricting Committee Is Meeting In Corpus Christi (And Here Is Why You Should Care)

Matt Briscoe
Southside Light 

Some say that Texas is shaping up as a battleground state in the 2020 election, and while that may or may not be exactly determined fact, lawmakers at the state level could have more at stake than many people realize. Whichever political party wins will largely get the privilege of determining how voting lines in Texas get redrawn for the next decade—and that’s not something that voters should take lightly. 

It’s a not-so-little matter known as “redistricting” and it happens after the 2020 census. In the 87th Legislature  in 2021, Texas lawmakers will faceoff over how state House, state Senate, Judicial and Congressional districts get drawn. The results will determine who appears on your ballot in future elections and now, there is a chance for Corpus Christi area residents to have their voice heard before a mighty powerful legislative committee. 

The Redistricting Committee, Chaired by North Texas Republican Rep. Phil King, will meet at Del Mar College Center for Economic Development (CED), Room 106 located at 3209 South Staples Street, Corpus Christi to hear formal public testimony on the matter. That meeting, which is part of a series of interim public meetings scheduled around the state will take place on Monday, November 4, at 4:00 pm. 

Meetings like these come as Texas lawmakers begin preparing the table for future redistricting plans and with so many potential problems, lawmakers are appearing to pay attention to the public on this one. In fact, the Texas House Redistricting Committee scheduled several of these hearings around the state throughout September and October. 

Hearings, such as the one taking place here in Corpus Christi are designed to provide context to the Census data that legislators will receive. It also gives Texans the opportunity to share information about their communities that they believe lawmakers need to know as the redistricting process moves forward. 

The Senate Redistricting Committee has also scheduled a hearing for October 29 at the State Capitol. No public testimony will be considered at that hearing.

If you still don’t think that this is important, you might want to think again. Because Texas has grown by leaps and bounds, the state COULD gain up to three more congressional seats, while some states such as California and Minnesota have the potential to lose seats. 

Author’s Note: 
Here is a bit of inside baseball from “Under the Dome,” that I have learned over the years. You see, Corpus is a place that most that dwell under the granite circus tent just occasionally visit and even then, they go to Rockport or Port A. Other than that, most think of us like El Paso, Marfa, Amarillo or Big Spring—we are just so far removed that they forget about us. That’s why this actually matters. Because you and I send a Representative and a Senator to Austin and that’s about it—even Though they are real good at what they do. Reality is, most of the policy wonks, schedulers and aides think that we lack real civic engagement and all we do is bicker about endless nothings and we aren’t interested in, or capable of holding an intelligent conversation. That’s a fact, and that’s why this meeting here actually matters and that’s why we should actually bother showing up. Consider yourself duly advised and go participate! 


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