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Corpus Christi City Councilwoman At-Large Paulette Guajardo said on a local radio station Thursday that she is continuing the homeless conversation in our community and indicated that she would be continuing hands on action around the matter. 

Guajardo told talk show host Bob Jones that one area of concern is in the Flour Bluff area near Parker Park—an area that as we have reported previously, is becoming more and more of a problem for area residents. 

Guajardo told jones that she is in the planning phase of hosting an on-site public meeting at Parker Park in the coming weeks to address area concerns about the issue. 

Homelessness here in Corpus Christi has become a serious area of concern and while some believe that suitable resources already exist in our community, others still believe that there are not any such programs that are actually making a difference. 

An independent study and an undercover investigation paid for by the Southside Light showed that most programs in the city are aimed at only providing a temporary bandage to the problem and focused less on long term solutions. 

Programs such as Waco’s “Mission Waco” have been wildly successful by creating opportunities for the homeless in their community. However, no in-depth program exists here in Corpus Christi. 

Local programs seem to largely exist to simply handout “relief sacks” and provide a place to sleep, while seriously lacking the forward idealism to eliminate the problem. 

Guajardo anticipates the first meeting to be held within the next three weeks or so. 


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