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Since traffic patterns have changed in the area of Rodd Field Road and Yorktown one major complaint from commuters and residents who utilize the heavily traveled area of roadway is that traffic backups at the new temporary 3-way stop have become horrendous and tie ups are ranging as high as 30 minutes during peak hours. But the city of Corpus Christi took notice and action on complaints from area residents. 

City councilwoman Paulette Guajardo confirmed on the Bob Jones Radio show Thursday morning what other city officials hinted at on Tuesday. Guajardo confirmed that starting immediately (Thursday) police traffic control will be on site assisting with the backup in the area and hopefully, removing stress on the roadway and drivers. 

Police traffic control officers are scheduled to be on-site from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. and from 3-6pm, Monday through Friday. 

Guajardo also confirmed on the Bob Jones Show that the traffic signal that crews are working on there at the intersection is expected to be operational in approximately 3 weeks, which will dramatically reduce traffic tie ups in the heavily traveled area. 


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