2019 South Side Hospital Report Card: Grading The Options

When it comes to hospitalization on Corpus Christi's South side you basically have two options available unless you choose to go all the way across town. In an emergency that may not be the best choice. And while both Bay Area Medical Center and Christus South Campus might be very suitable and capable options, it does seem fitting to give the two a "letter grade" in the quality of services provided, fiscal soundness, safety and ease of access to care. 

Our methodology took into consideration 2019 patient reviews conducted over a 10 month period in 2019. It also took into consideration corporate marketing strategies, government and insurance data along with practical waiting room observations which gauge the overall responsiveness to healthcare quality in an emergent setting. 

While more practical than scientific, great care was taken to measure the overall performance of each and was measured against peer reviews, medical analysis and detail. 

Our goal is that in December of each year to produce an independent scorecard of where each facility is currently at, where they are going and how they improved (or worsened) over the year. 

We now present our inaugural South Side Corpus Christi Hospital Survey: 

While both hospitals leave plenty to be desired, we believe that they both are moderately adequate for handling most healthcare needs. Our research has proven that both a well below standards and improvement is needed at a cultural and academic level in order to improve patient care and family responsiveness. Communication is lacking at both Bay Area and Christus South. And while during an emergency, one could be well treated by either, improvements must be made in order to maintain and improve satisfactory outcomes. 

Corpus Christi Medical Center (Bay Area) 

Letter Grade: D

Corpus Christi Medical Center Bay Area is part of the HCA family of hospitals and is a full-service, acute care hospital. HCA advertises that CCMC Bay Area offers highly specialized  services including a 24-hour Emergency Department, Cardiovascular Services, Robotic Surgery and a Women’s and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. However, the overall quality of care at CCMC Bay Area is lacking and in true HCA fashion, the HCA model focuses more on highly profitable after care services while robbing quality from Emergency Departments and other units which do tend to be profit killers. 

Here at Bay Area we have learned that while medical staff do tend to be highly trained, they are in large unsatisfied with their jobs. Many claim that CCMC Bay Area forces them into a more difficult work/home lifestyle which some say does influence their level of overall satisfaction. 

Patients at Bay Area claim that they feel as if they are often released from inpatient care services well before they are fully recovered. In fact, CCMC Bay Area has a lower patient admission factor than other local options. 

The overall feel of Bay Area is well below standard. Visitors and patients often claim that poor lighting, inefficient layout, lack of parking and poor security area major concerns. The cleanliness of the grounds and facility also are considered substandard to local survey respondents. 

Emergency Care standards are concerning. While wait times are often low, patients claim that self registration and ED staffing issues result in poor ratings. The care does seem to be comparable to local standards. However, generally speaking this still leaves plenty to be desired. 

Our overall grade of D is representative of a much needed overhaul in management staff and leadership at CCMC Bay Area and HCA in General. 

Christus Spohn-South

Letter Grade: B 

Christus Spohn South is one of six hospital campuses and six family health centers throughout the Coastal bend. While being rated consistently as a healthcare leader in South Texas, there are still serious flaws in patient services. 

ED wait times are often significantly higher at the South Campus however, the level of patient service and care is slightly better than that of CCMC Bay Area. While employee survey respondents claim a significantly better work/life balance, their overall satisfaction is higher and the evidence of that shows. 

ED services are better with access to more reliable telemedicine programs and outside consulting, it must be fairly noted that patients claim that they are often "tested" then returned to the waiting room. Non-medical ED staff convey a message that they would just rather have you leave than be treated. While more cosmetically friendly and more welcoming overall, non-medical staff issues must be immediately addressed. 

Christus overall does a better job of patient care, comfort and safety. Their clean and modern facility does beat CCMC Bay Area in nearly all categories. Lighting, ample parking, safety and overall appearance rates better than CCMC Bay Area, but does need improvement. 

Patient outcomes tend to be rated much higher than over at Bay Area. 

Healthcare is an important decision and while your decision is entirely a personal preference, we hope that this independent review helps you make the best decision for your healthcare needs and brings improvement to our hyperlocal healthcare climate. 

While both need significant improvement, both have serious inadequacies that need to be addressed. 

We will continue to report on the hyperlocal healthcare situation and look forward to a more promising report in 2020. 


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