Commentary: Admitting Recovery From An UNRELATABLE Democratic Party

Matt Briscoe

No matter what county you visit around the state, Democrats are saying to one another, “We can flip Texas!" That coming from the bunch who has not had a good year since the Richards years and that disaster is something that they would just as soon forget. They have not had a steady, relatable voice since perhaps Bob Bullock. The key word in that statement is "relatable" and the fact remains that even the most liberal of Texans cringes at todays democratic party. 

Ultra leftwing, mad acting women, homosexuals and general hellraisers who rely entirely on national agendas seem to be what somebody within the Texas Democrat party feels is what Texas democrats want. Well, it isn't. 

To prove my point Texas democrats did get behind Mike Collier who challenged Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick in 2018 and almost best him. Collier rallied behind tax reform and public education and he could RELATE to the average blue blooded, redbearded, Texas redneck. Collier is married to a woman and is an accountant by trade. Hell, he even had a name for his used, white Ford pickup that he drove around the state. Again, he could RELATE. 

Then you have people like former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez who was obviously unlearned in issues that really mattered to Texans like those that Collier rallied around on the campaign trail. Valdez was super leftwing, openly gay and laregly UNRELATABLE to Texas democrats. In fact, she was likely the biggest flop since Wendy Davis--another UNRELATABLE candidate to most Texans. 

You see, it is just not enough to tote a national partyline. In fact, you have got to put the party line aside and show that you are a viable candidate for public office and show that you have TEXAS DEMOCRAT PRINCIPALS. 

When I say that I mean that Texas Democrats are typically still seen in church on Sunday and work in the oil patch right alongside the redbeards. They stand against higher taxes and they stand for children and public education. They really don't give a horse's patoot about bathrooms and reproductive rights. In fact, Texas Republicans really could give a crap less about it, too. But "Crapper Dan" made sure we all knew what his beliefs were and it damn near cost him and the republicans an election. Patrick himself pert near did exactly what democrats are doing--proving themselves unrelatable, and he nearly paid the price. 

You see, Texans come together when we see a problem and we fight to the finish to make positive changes no matter what side we are on or what party we are registered with. 

My good friend from Houston always tells me that the first step in recovery is acceptance and today, publicly I admit my own struggles with political identification. I was a die-hard democrat until they abandoned me.  They became too focused on the wrong things and abandoned the right things. The party that valued democracy now wants to impeach a president just because they lost an election. I am sorry, but that just is not the democrat party that I can stand for. I am not seeking socialized medical treatments for my condition but I am looking beyond the mental disorder of national liberalism and focusing more on the future of our great state. Truth is: I will still vote for a PRACTICAL and RELATABLE democrat--if Mike Collier ever decides to run again.