Here Are Some Great Places To Eat Around Town If You Have Not Tried Them Already

Looking for some great places to take your family and friends over the holidays? We have some suggestions that we think you just have to try! Some of these places are pretty well known and others are not so well known. Take a look at our list and try them out as you are out and about. 

Looking for something that can please the entire family and not break the bank? Try La Frutera on Airline or at their new location inside of La Palmera Mall near Zales. Everything from fruity fresh drinks and fruit cups to Mexican style hot dogs and sandwiches this local legend has some of the best treats that we think you will find around town. Our inside tip: try their fruit with a little chamoy and you will be in fkr a real treat like nothing else.

Want some enchiladas or maybe a grilled blueberry muffin? Yes, we said a grilled blueberry muffin! You will have to check out this great lunch spot!

Enrique's on Kostoryz is the place to go for breakfast or lunch when you just need a great, quick plate of food at a reasonable price. It has been around for years and the place is well known by locals who know where to go. The Grilled Blueberry muffins will change your entire life and you will never think to have one any other way. Our tip: This food is perfect the way that it is.

Looking for one great burger? Check out Wallbangers on South Staples. This burger can easily compare with any burger around and it goes toe to toe with the Fina station way up in Milsap and the legendary Cupp's in Waco. While we just were not a fan of their apps, their burgers are second to none. The inside baseball on this place is simple: don't write off the bacon!

Here is an off the wall place that we thought you would enjoy. Tucked inside the Holiday Inn Marina Hotel downtown is the Coastline Bistro and the Terrace Bar. Perfectly prepared steaks matched with expert sides make for the perfect combo for a nice dinner out.

Open air and indoor dining options provide the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening on the town. With a menu designed by an Executive Chef who works in the back of the house every single day, you just will not be disappointed in what you find. It is eloquent and tasty with the perfect Corpus feel.

Another place that lacks the eloquence but does is also hidden inside an area hotel is "Impressions" tucked away inside the Embassy Suites Hotel off of Padre Island Drive and Flynn Parkway.

This place has some great American style food and while it is not a value restaurant, it is a great place to catch a burger or sandwich.

So while there are many places around town to get great food (and we will keep sending them your way) this list ought to get you set on your way to a great food journey around the Sparkling City by the Sea!