How to De-stress in the Corpus Christi Area This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time and even around our "Sparkling City by the Sea" we can become consumed with all of the stress and pressure of the season. But there are some ways to rest, relax and find a short break from all of the hustle and bustle. Here are some great ideas to try if you are looking for that momentary break in the busy schedules.

Coastal Christmas Night Skating:

Exercise is one of the best ways to deal with holiday stress. Skating is great because it’s low impact (unless you fall of course!) and allows you to move at your own pace.

The American Bank Center Arena

A Woodhouse Day Spa Massage:

The CDC (Center of Disease Control) includes booking a therapeutic spa treatment in their list of ways to effectively cope with stress.

6000 S Staples St

Enjoy the Wonder of the Season at Candy Cane Lane:

More than 300 Hundred homeowners light up their homes and create the Candy Cane Lane attraction at Schanen Estates. Take a stroll through the inspiring displays and capture the true wonderment of Christmas.

Near Everhart Road on Donegal and Killarmet drives

Paint a Masterpiece

Paint and sip classes encourage you to drink responsibly (or not at all) and get in touch with your inner muse. It’s at the same time social and contemplative, but never stressful. This special Ethereal Christmas Tree class will be held on December 21st.

5425 S Padre Island Dr. #145


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