The Year Ahead In New Hyperlocal News

2020 will bring about many changes to our news format here at the Southside Light and while some might be more noticeable, others will not be. We will be venturing more into video and capturing the moments that define our community and take a more educational and informative approach to things around our neighborhoods. While being less confrontational, we will still report facts based analysis and detail the day to day journey of our evolution. 

When we do video that contains frequent light changes of features "flash photography" viewers will be warned ahead of time. Why? 

We recognize that some of our video consumers may suffer from epilepsy which can be triggered by flash photography and sudden light changes. And while this may sound seemingly small, it something that news content directors around the world are starting to take into consideration. 

You will notice more outdoors coverage in the coming weeks as we ramp up our new outdoors section complete with fishing reports, destinations and ideas. 

Another change you might notice over time this year are local documentaries on local places, people or historical and current events. You will come to see that our added focus is people related issues and telling their stories good, bad or indifferent. 

We will also be launching a new daily local news podcast and covering more relevant breaking news stories that happen here on the South Side. 

It is our goal to a community partner focusing on journalizing our community evolution while reporting on the serious issues of our day. 

Join us for a bright and bold 2020 and have a Happy New Year! 


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