Nueces County Citizens Ask Attorney General For Action On Stay-At-Home Order

(Southside Light News) -- Just before midnight Thursday night Nueces County residents will find themselves living under a stay-at-home order due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some 18 other local governments around the state have jumped on board with the idea and there has been some debate among citizens about the legality, constitutionality and clarity of such orders. Now, some Nueces County residents have asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for emergency action on the matter, which could set the framework for future action across the state.

In the letter request, sent by a number of individuals they argue that the order is not clear when it comes to two things: Religious participation and clearly defining what "essential" and "non-essential" functions are.

One of the citizens to send the request to Attorney General Paxton was Shawn Flanagan. Flanagan says that he feels the order by Judge Canales has some serious issues.

Flanagan and others have argued that the order in its current format to takes away the basic freedom to practice our religion.

Flanagan and others also argue that instead of unifying the community,  the order further divides it into two groups of people-the essential and non essential.

But it is not just Flanagan who is questioning these issues.

Suzanne Guggenheim feels like the order is oppressive to many area small businesses and families who depend on their jobs or functions.

"In some ways it is too broad and in others it is too vague," says Guggenheim. "How can they tell one business that they are essential and then tell another one that they are not?"

"It was hastily written, not well thought out and it arbitrarily decides what is 'essential' and what is not?" asks Flanagan.

For Guggenheim it boils down to simplicity.

"To families every business and job is essential," Guggenheim says.

And if you ask the families who will suffer without paychecks, they would probably tell you exactly the same thing.