Texas Apartment Association Briefed Lawmakers On Monday About Renters Issues During Pandemic

Matt Briscoe 

(Southside Light News) — There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing financial hardships for many across the country and around the world. Here locally, many among us live in apartments or standard rentals. For them, they know that April first is just right around the corner and that means that rent will be coming due. 

Today, the Texas Apartment Association met with many leaders from around the state about issues facing renters. 

The group said today that they worked with the Supreme Court of Texas and various county Justice of the Peace offices to get the statewide suspension on evictions. The outcome of that was that through April 19, evictions in Texas will only go forward if there’s a clear danger to keeping the renter on the property.

They also said on today’s call that they are encouraging their members to not charge late fees. 

When asked if apartments will work with renters if they get behind on their rents, the was still up in the air. The group did say that they cannot require their members to take such action, but they anticipate that many of them will choose to do so. 

There are also plenty of college students who are looking to go back home during this time of crisis. Many of them are wanting to be able to get out of their leases early, especially since classes are being cancelled at many universities and colleges. At this time, TAA says that those are being handled on a case by case basis.