Will The Stay-At-0Home Order Change My Parenting Order?

Photo: Josh Willink 

(Southside Light News)--When the stay-home order goes into effect Thursday here in Nueces County, many people faced with the already difficult question of co-parenting will likely have some questions and without a doubt there is a level of confusion accompanying the order.

The order handed down on Wednesday by Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales tells area residents to remain at home, unless they need to go out for groceries, medication  health care appointments or most other activities. While it is one of the broadest orders in the state, there is still plenty of question, so we reached out to a local attorney to get the answer. 

Corpus Christi based attorney Jeff Kane told us on Wednesday that the answer is no, stay-at-home orders do not impact parenting orders. In fact, Kane cites an emergency ruling from the United States Supreme Court to prove it. 
"The Supreme Court has issued emergency orders that require parents to adhere to the originally published school calendar AND requires them to exchange possession by the language of the order despite any government orders to the contrary," Kane said. "This is to guard against a parent refusing to hand over their child on grounds that they are precluded from doing so by the government order." 

So despite what level of confusion there might initially be, the land's highest court has made the answer pretty clear and for parents faced with an already often complex and confusing situation, this ruling should clear things up.